Posted 08/08/2018

Destination Kohler

Destination Kohler

With summer well under way and some of us lucky enough to be going off on holiday, we thought we would introduce to you Kohler’s very own resort and how it came to be.

Posted 18/07/2018

Traditional v Contemporary Kitchen Taps

The tap is the work horse of the kitchen, from filling the kettle to soaking the dishes, it is in use, day in day out. It is essential to invest in a tap that is built to last as well as meeting your design and lifestyle needs.

Posted 11/07/2018

How to create a timeless bathroom that won't date

Designing a timeless bathroom can not only add value to your house, but can also boast elegance and class. So, here at KOHLER, our experienced interior designers have put together some top tips on how to establish a timeless bathroom without compromising on style.

Posted 05/07/2018

Summer Top 5 Bathroom Picks

Every season we put together a list of our top five favourite KOHLER pieces, so you can enjoy them just as much as we do.

Posted 27/06/2018

Space Saving in the Bathroom

With some clever planning and smart design decisions there is plenty that you can do with a small space to bring your dream bathroom to life.

Posted 20/06/2018

7 Benefits of Taking a Cold Shower

We’ve all had that chilling experience of stepping into the shower to find that the hot water has run out. As irritating as this may be, cold showers bring with them a plethora of hidden benefits.