Posted 04/04/2019

Benefits of Showering

Have you considered the benefits of showering beyond hygiene and cleanliness? Research shows that showering provides numerous benefits to both body and mind.

Posted 12/03/2019

How to Deep Clean Your Bathroom

Cleaning the bathroom is one chore that most of us loathe, but without regular cleaning it can quickly become not only grubby but the perfect home for mould, mildew and bacteria.

Posted 27/02/2019

Vintage Charm Rediscovered with Artifacts®

Inspired by turn-of-the-century charm, each piece is like a vintage treasure rediscovered in a street market or antique shop. Discover the Artifacts® collection.

Posted 22/01/2019

2019 Kitchen and Bathroom Trends

Guest bloggers 'Forward Features' look at the three keys kitchen and bathroom trends that they think will be hot for the year ahead.

Posted 16/01/2019

2019 Trends to Inspire

The word ‘trend’ can cause alarm with the idea that it is a style that will come and go in a season. In truth, many remain and slowly evolve over years not weeks. To give you some inspiration, we have reviewed the key trends for 2019 and compiled our favourites for you.

Posted 01/01/2019

2018 Trends Retrospective

We start each year as we always do; with exciting predictions of upcoming trends and styles. Guest blogger, journalist Martyn White, looks back at 2018's predictions and what became popular.

Posted 16/12/2018

Bathe as you mean to go on

There is no better way to wind down than running yourself a warm bath and shutting out the world. Bathing relaxes both body and mind, and with the right preparation, you can turn it into a mini spa treatment.