2019 Trends to Inspire

The word ‘trend’ can cause alarm with the idea that it is a style that will come and go in a season. In truth, all they are is a popular style or idea that lots of people like, with many remaining and slowly evolving over years not weeks. When focused on colour or materials trends often become timeless.

To give you some inspiration, we have reviewed the key trends for 2019 and compiled our favourites for you.

Image credit: Dulux

Image credit: Dulux


1. Colour: Warm Neutrals

Barley there, warm neutrals are back in 2019. These versatile sandy shades are an evolution of the popular greys that have dominated our homes, bringing a calming warmth to interiors. We can see this in the Dulux colour of the year, Spiced Honey. According to Dulux, “This warm amber shade has been chosen to reflect a new mood of positivity and optimism – a desire to ‘let the light in’. With its elegant golden tone, Spiced Honey can inspire a new sense of warmth in any room.”

A warm neutrals palette works in harmony with a wide range of other shades, from earthy neutrals to bold impactful brights, allowing you to bring your personality through.


2. Pattern: Geometric

Like florals, incorporating geometric patterns is no new trend, but this year they are expected to become a dramatic presence. Look out for bolder colours and oversized patterns. Bold, brave geometrics will dominate everything from wallpapers to tiles, rugs, throws and linens.

Image credit: https://www.made.com

Image credit: https://www.made.com

Image credit: https://www.livingitup.co.uk

Image credit: https://www.livingitup.co.uk


3. Shape: Curves

This year the crisp, streamlined furniture and straight lines in home décor are replaced with gentle curves. You will see more natural organic curves in everything from cosy velvet upholstered sofas and beds, to tables and lights and even baths.


4. Material: Black Metal

Chrome and nickel evolved into bronzes and gold, but in 2019 black will be the metal of choice in interiors. Matte black fixtures, such as taps like the Kohler Purist, will continue to grow in popularity and black metal will appearing in other areas of the home.

Look out for black window frames. The Crittall-style has been popular in the States for a while and is staging a comeback in the UK with its graphic grid-like charm. You will see it not just as windows, but doors and even walls.