If you’re anything like us at Kohler, you need all the bathroom space that you can get for the dozens of half empty shampoo, conditioner and body wash containers you’ve acquired and absolutely cannot bin yet! That ‘luxury shampoo and conditioner’ you got for Christmas from your mum, the 5 bath bombs that you cannot resist buying every time you go shopping, and the half empty tubs of moisturiser that smell to good to get rid of all need a home. It’s certainly important to provide ample space to hide them all away so nobody finds out about your soap hoarding.

If your bathroom is more on the cosy side of spacious, don’t panic, we have a plethora of storage solutions and speedy hacks to help you maximise the space that you’ve got.


Corner storage

Probably our favourite hack for space saving storage solutions, is this under sink corner storage. The Reach Base Unit sits slenderly in a corner crevice of your bathroom. Using that often-missed corner space in any room, you can really maximise the space by placing your sink here and using the space underneath to hide away your toiletries. You could even consider a custom-built mirrored corner cabinet to add more storage and help create the illusion of extra space.

Product Recommendation: Reach Base Corner Unit


Wall recess storage

For a contemporary, minimalistic storage solution, the Rythmik Toilet pan sits flush against your wall (pardon the pun). All pipes, cisterns and unsightly toilet accompaniments are hidden away behind a void created by a plasterboard wall. The storage element comes into play with the shelf created by the half wall. This space is in full view, so ensure that you save your prettiest vessels for this space - maybe include a succulent or two for a more botanical themed bathroom.

Product Recommendation: Rythmik Toilet Pan


Tall and sleek cabinets

There is a tendency with bathrooms to only build cabinets to house basins, meaning that the height aspect is often lost. The Terrace tall side cabinet from Kohler offers a vast amount of hidden storage space and some stylised shelves built in to house your finishing touches and bathroom flourishes.

Product Recommendation: Terrace Tall Side Cabinet


Smoke and Mirrors

Nothing better, in our opinion, than as multi-functioning mirrored cabinet. House the essentials such as toothbrushes, paste, mouthwash, make up remover and hair products - all those elements that having a mirror within arm’s reach makes life more simple.

The Verdera mirrored cabinet offers multiple mirrors for catching a glimpse of every angle. It even has mirrors on the inside so you can use the cabinet without opening and closing doors! Create a minimalist look in your bathroom by hiding away all those cluttering toiletries, or is it just smoke and mirrors…

Product Recommendation: Verdera Mirrored Cabinet


Vanity units

This classic storage solution is perfect for hiding all your bulky toiletries and bathroom necessities. The vanity unit predates Victorian times as a means of containing all your much needed bathroom goods, and as the saying goes, if it isn’t broken, don’t fix it!

Having the ability to fit a sink, hiding away pipes and basins, and using space that would have otherwise been wasted, a vanity unit is a must for any bathroom!

Product Recommendation: Tresham Vanity Unit

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