5 luxury upgrades for your kitchen

Creating a kitchen that exudes class, sophistication and style can completely transform your cooking space. Whether you opt for a sleek new colour scheme or integrate appliances that will streamline and focus your layout, there are plenty of changes you can make to ensure your kitchen impresses. We asked Alexandra Davies from premium kitchen appliance manufacturer Britannia Living to share her top tips for upgrading your kitchen with luxury touches.

The kitchen is the focal point of the home so, it’s not uncommon for us to want to invest time and money in maximising the comfort, practicality and aesthetic of it. But, with so many new and upcoming interior trends, it can be difficult to know where to start.

From choosing a sleek new sink to adding delicate accessories and selecting stunning cabinetry, here I’ll be giving you an insight into upgrading your kitchen with five luxury touches.


Choose a stylish sink

While your sink is arguably the most functional piece in your kitchen, it’s often overlooked during a kitchen restyle. For a luxury look, opt for an undermount sink, such as the Icerock from Kohler, which will help streamline the countertops. This will clear space on your surface and ensure your kitchen is both contemporary and practical.

If you prefer the look of an apron-front sink, choosing a sleek material such as ceramic, stainless steel or cast iron as a durable alternative will ensure your cooking space looks pristine for longer. Add some style with on-trend copper feature tap heads or upgrade to a touchless tap for a seamlessly modern and efficient kitchen.

Review your colour scheme

One of the simplest ways to give your kitchen a luxury upgrade is to choose a new colour scheme that will instantly refresh the look of your cooking space. Monochrome is a sure way to give your kitchen a premium appearance, so consider updating your classic white walls with a juxtaposing black feature wall for an accent wall. If black seems too dark for your kitchen, similar shades like navy or jewel tones like royal purple will also work well.

For an on-trend aesthetic, add some neutral tones to your space. Shades like coffee brown, taupe and grey are all highly anticipated to be big colours in 2019 interiors so will give your home a modern look. Add some juxtaposing metallic accent pieces and your cooking space will have an undeniably stylish and understated look.

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Consider going integrated

A luxury kitchen isn’t always synonymous with over-the-top fixtures and fittings, so choosing integrated appliances can give your cooking space a minimalist look, while keeping it orderly. There are so many cabinetry options available so you can achieve your desired kitchen aesthetic.

For an ultra-modern look, choose glossy laminate cupboards that are handleless. White cabinetry is timeless, but if you want to add depth to your kitchen, black gloss will be perfect. For traditional kitchens, rich mahogany wooden cabinets will ensure you can still achieve a sleek, luxury look and, as dark colour schemes are on 2019’s interiors trend list, your kitchen will be on-trend.

Add a splashback slab

Adding splashbacks in front of your hob is the perfect way of adding luxury to your kitchen while preserving your freshly painted walls. Instead of opting for standard tiles, going for a single splashback slab will ensure your kitchen is functional and looks great.

For an extravagant touch, go for marble. This durable material is versatile enough for both traditional and contemporary spaces, so will seamlessly slot into any kitchen design. For a statement splashback, a pop of colour with a single block shade will be a great way to draw in your guests’ attention and introduce them to the space’s purpose.

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Incorporate glass features

The delicate properties of glass make it the perfect material to use for luxury accessories around your kitchen and, its versatility means you can do this in endless ways. For example, if you have storage shelves adding a sliding reed glass door onto them will allow you to elegantly display your finest teacups and saucers to be admired by guests.

Glass candelabras, display wine glasses, and photo frames will also add a lovely touch, so make sure you’re adding features like this in as generously as you can.

Britannia Living and Kohler are passionate about beautiful, luxury details that upgrade your home. Aesthetics and quality combine with function to create kitchens that not only bring a high level of gracious living each day, but impress guests time after time.



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