Guest blog by Martyn White


When designing a bathroom suite over the past few decades, the rules have been simple; stick to white and keep things as plain as possible.


With the dreaded 50s and 60s coloured suites haunting many people's minds, there was a time where the bathroom would be the deciding factor in purchasing a new house. Luckily, creativity has come through, and people are now looking to express themselves once again in the bathroom through the use of textures, fixtures and finishes.


While we will not see a return to the coloured suites as we once knew them, there are so many ways to add a touch of personality and luxurious charm to one of the most regularly used rooms in the home; that includes the introduction of colour.  

Exploring the Kohler Experience Centre in London, I discovered the vast collections of designs and finishes that are transforming bathrooms all around the globe.


Tap finishes are one of the easiest ways to inject a personal style, and there has never been a better time to invest with brands such as Kohler providing an extraordinary collection of colours, finishes and textures including the much-desired matt and satin finishes that are going down a treat in the designer market at the moment.


Taps, showerheads, rails and screens are the perfect way to personalise a bathroom as they are easy to disconnect and replace if needed. For those looking to go the extra mile and create a stand-out designer bathroom, the Kohler Artist Editions are the way to go, uniquely introducing artwork.


I had the privilege of being introduced to the latest collection ‘Dutchmaster' that consists of two incredible designs that capture the beauty of nature in a scene of intertwining blossoms, each with an elegant butterfly exploring the scene. These limited-edition designs are a great way to do things differently. Paired with a white or black suite, the Artist Editions create a beautiful story without overwhelming a space, creating a focal point while introducing much-needed character and charm into the home. 


With the new rules for bathroom design set, it is time to get creative and express your personality in new and exciting ways. With so many options to choose from, it is safe to say that Kohler is at the forefront of this exciting time for bathroom design. 

Guest Blogger: Martyn White

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