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Hello, my name is Kelsey and I run my Instagram home account @littlebitofdovegrey in my spare time from my home in Scotland. Since buying my first home three years ago I have discovered a total love for all things interior design. My home is slowly transforming from a rather retro-looking outdated house to something a little bit more neutral and luxurious. I have tackled the rooms slowly, one by one, to ensure that I don’t rush in and make mistakes – and to allow time to save! Doors, skirtings, floorings and in some cases walls, have been removed and replaced. I hope to inspire people to not look at renovations as a burden but as a potential to make a home exactly how you want it and to lovingly restore it. I hope you enjoy my feed and that you may find some inspiration for how you can transform a run-down renovation into your dream home - and perhaps tackle that bathroom of yours!

Tell us about your latest project...

My latest, biggest and most rewarding project to date has been renovating the bathroom. For those of you that have seen my bathroom highlight you will have seen what space I had to work with and the previous state of the bathroom. My bathroom was rather small. It still is, but, it looks a lot larger due to design decisions and a total rearrangement of the room. 

We removed the old disability shower from the previous owners, took up all the flooring, knocked out the walls and started from scratch. I began sketching layouts and speaking with my plumber about what would fit in the room and discussing if we were able to rearrange the layout to maximise use of the space. This took a lot of going back and forth as we had to make sure the plumbing would all fit in and that we chose products that would make the most of the room.

I began looking through Kohler’s website which was a total dream. Their website was so easy to navigate and very informative with all the dimensions and drawings you would need to sketch out your own bathroom. The fact I could get easy access to all this information meant that I was able to design the bathroom entirely myself with the help of the plumber and didn’t require a bathroom designer. 

My starting point was narrowing down the tap choice to the Purist collection. I loved how slick and smooth the Purist wall mount taps were; how they would make a statement but that I didn’t feel they would date. The minimalist horizontal design of the lever handle also appealed to me as they looked easier to clean than anything fiddly! Then came the hard decision of choosing a sink. I loved so many of Kohler’s Artist Editions sinks that it was difficult to pick just one! This was until I came across the Derring round vessel. A beautiful white hand-crafted sink with a textured finish. From a distance, you would not realise it is any different but up close you can see all the beautiful etching. It makes for such a statement piece that is so unique. It is a firm favourite of mine and a real talking feature.

I wanted to use products that opened up the space. The Kohler Composed shower enclosure with minimal metal framing and the Presqui’le wall-hung toilet give the illusion of more space. The toilet also makes the room appear larger as there is less volume taking up floor space.

Having lived with a poorly designed wet room that not only leaked but was rather cold for the past three years I am delighted to finally have a bathroom that I can relax in and enjoy. The Katalyst rainhead shower has been the biggest treat of all. It’s like a fancy hotel experience in my own home! Not only does it provide you with a luxurious shower, but it is also eco-friendly which is great for your bills and the environment! You would never guess it’s eco friendly as the power and water distribution is fantastic.

It's like a fancy hotel experience in my own home!

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The idea of this project was planted when...

So this is a tricky one! There were two main things that kicked off the whole design idea. One was the Purist taps, as they really caught my eye and made me realise my desire to have something linear and precise. The whole bathroom is designed based on centre lines and precise cuts and layouts for visual appeal and practicality – watch my highlight to see all the design points that you may not have noticed but were carefully considered.

Next up I was inspired by a design that Sophie Paterson completed. One of her designs she carefully suspends a mirror in front of a window to allow the sink to be along the window wall. At first, I thought I was restricted with my design as I couldn’t see how I could move the sink location anywhere else as I wouldn’t have been able to have storage around it and a mirror below. Sophie’s post inspired me that I could in fact have the sink below a window and have a moveable or suspended mirror.

I knew I wanted to have lots of storage so designing the vanity out of kitchen units, meant not only that I could have this, but it also meant that I could opt for the vessel sink, which I loved, and hide the minimal plumbing for it within the cupboards.

I have already mentioned the beautiful Purist taps and Derring round Artist Editions basin. The Purist range also offered a matching Purist shower diverter which provided continuity to our overall design. The wall hung toilet is part of the Kohler Presqui’le range which not only gives a lovely illusion of space but is a lot easier to clean below and around.

For the shower, I opted for the Flipside showerhead. This is something I had never seen before, being able to change the showerhead settings by literally flipping it around its own centre was so clever to me – plus another cleaning win as it’s easier to clean! It makes it a great tool for washing my hair and the tiles, with several different options. The Katalyst fixed rainhead is 12” diameter and has been centred directly above the Flipslide shower head. We positioned the diverter control near the opening of the shower door so that the temperature requirement could be set before stepping in. I opted for the standard 1200 x 760mm shower tray, and I love how modern the plug cover is!

The Composed shower enclosure has a side panel and a sliding door, which slides within the shower frame- to save even more room within the narrow bathroom. The modern chrome handle is really subtle but also sturdy and slides well within its frame.  I was really impressed with the seal that Kohler provide on these sliding doors, as was the plumber! The seal is opaque but also thick so that water doesn’t escape the shower enclosure.

You can find all of these linked with swipe ups and close ups of these products within my bathroom highlight

I get my Design Inspiration from...

Without a shadow of a doubt, I use Instagram and Pinterest for my main sources of inspiration. Designers such as Sophie Paterson, Laura Hammett interiors, BMdesign London and Kelly Hoppen (all on Instagram) provide me with inspiration and colour palettes. They also inspire my choices of mixing materials and fabrics. Once I find a key piece I love it guides the rest of the room.

My Interiors "Guilty Pleasure" is...

I cannot keep myself away from Homesense stores for very long! They sell such unique pieces that are well priced and the ranges are constantly changing. I also find myself looking around The White Company for inspiration just to soak up the shop styling.

You can find Kelsey on Instagram: @littlebitofdovegrey