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The kitchen is the hub of the home.  Where meals are prepared, where households sit down to catch up on their day and where friends and families are entertained.  

Modern homes and open plan living demand a more considered approach to kitchen planning. The kitchen has evolved to suit this style of living and the traditional work triangle of hob, fridge and sink has been updated.

The modern design method of ‘zoning’ at the planning stage takes work and leisure areas into account and allows you to create a room which works on all levels.

Start by breaking down how you use your kitchen space as an individual and as a household.  The standard zones that designers work with are:

  • Consumables zone:  Storage for food.
  • Non-consumables zone: The place for storing everyday dishes, including plates, bowls, glasses, and cutlery.
  • Cleaning zone:  The main sink and possibly a dishwasher.
  • Preparation zone: Where most of your kitchen prep happens. This may be a stretch of countertop, a butchers’ block or a kitchen island with perhaps a secondary sink.
  • Cooking zone: The hob, oven, or range, and possibly a microwave.

If you don’t have a separate utility room, you should also consider where you will fit laundry appliances. By keeping them integrated, a streamlined look can still be achieved.

Determining these designated zones will create a smoother process, whatever the task, and means less compromise on space, neatness and time.




Cleaning food, washing hands and rinsing utensils are all frequent tasks when preparing a meal. Consider a wet area with a sink as large as space allows, and a tap which assists with these different tasks.

Our Sensate touchless tap offers an easy solution when your hands are dirty from prepping food.

A simple wave of your hand activates the flow of water so that you can wash hands with ease to minimise mess and the spread of bacteria. Handy for washing food too!

Consider accessories within your cleaning area to make rinsing and light washing up easier. The 8 Degree Stainless Steel sink in our range has a handy wine glass holder and bottom basin rack to keep rinsed items away from food debris.



The Kohler Indio Cast Iron Smart Divide sink includes accessories to aide prep such as a chopping board and wire basket for rinsing. Our Stages Stainless Steel sink has an array of integrated accessories which reduce clutter during prep. Both of these sinks allow for neat and tidy working, in a contained space.

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Water is involved in up to 60% of cooking related processes. Consider an easily accessible location for your sink and tap. If space allows, why not consider our HiRise, deck-mount pot filler tap with a long swivel spout. Installed directly next to the hob can aide filling pans without walking to the sink.

Multi-function taps keep water directed to where it is needed. Our Elate pull-out tap has a retractable spray head for close-up precision tasks.



If you want to add a focal point to your kitchen, a well-designed island is ideal. It can function as a breakfast bar in the week and become a party entertainment area at the weekend.

Think laterally about how a secondary sink on an island can be used. Our Icerock Entertainment sink can be filled with ice to chill beers, wine, or food for the perfect party piece.

Consider practicality, style and personal needs to make your kitchen zones work for you and your budget.

Carefully chosen products will make the most of the space you have and offer the support you need both day to day and when you are in entertaining mode.

By considering zoning with your chosen kitchen specialist or designer from the first opportunity, you will create a living space that is perfect for both work and play.