How to Choose the Perfect Shower Enclosure

Choosing and planning a new bathroom can be an exciting experience. It’s a rare opportunity to transform one of the most important parts of your home – where you can relax, refresh and revitalise, and where your daily routine begins and ends.

Whether you need a bi-fold door for an en-suite bathroom, a spacious enclosure for a large family bathroom or a luxurious divider panel for a wet-room, there is a shower enclosure to suit every space. With so many options available, we are here to guide you through, ensuring you find the shower enclosure that meets all your needs.

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The first step to finding the perfect shower enclosure solution is to determine where to place it. A corner is the obvious choice but fitting a shower in an alcove is a great way to maximise space, freeing up the floor area for other bathroom furniture and fittings.

When deciding on the location, consider the space required for the door opening, along with the proximity of existing feature such as pipework, vents, lights and windows.

Tray or no tray?

Shower enclosures can be installed with or without a shower tray. Trays are specifically designed to fit standard enclosure sizes and are engineered to minimise leakage. At just 40mm high, low-profile trays create a sleek look. Also available in an anti-slip finish option, a shower tray can bring added safety to a family bathroom.

If you are installing your shower enclosure on a solid floor, then a shower tray used in combination with a riser kit allows you the flexibility to elevate the tray. This provides space beneath for drainage pipework that can’t be hidden in the floor.

For a more premium look, a tiled shower floor is a stylish alternative. Whether you choose to use feature tiles or to continue the flooring throughout the bathroom to create a wet-room look, it is essential that the floor is properly tanked to ensure it is waterproof.


Select your shape

There are a number of different shaped enclosures to choose from if you are planning to position the enclosure in a corner.

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A square enclosure takes up a small amount of space. Starting at 760mm and available with a variety of different door styles, they are suitable for most size bathrooms.



If you have a large space, then a rectangular enclosure would offer you a luxurious, spacious solution. Rectangular enclosures are available with multiple door designs to suit every style and access requirement and offer the greatest number of size choices; from compact to grand bath-replacement scales.

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A quadrant enclosure is a great space-saving alternative to a square or rectangular enclosure. Suitable for corner installation only, they feature an elegant curved shape and smooth sliding door. Losing one of the corners has little impact on how spacious it feels on the inside but frees up valuable floor area when space is at a premium.

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Offset Quadrant

An offset quadrant enclosure is designed to be installed in a corner. Like a quadrant, it features an elegant curved shape but with one side longer than the other for a larger showering space. With two sliding doors for easy access they create a focal point in any larger bathroom.

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Similar to a quadrant enclosure, a pentagon enclosure is the perfect space-saving option. Installed in a corner, it resembles a square with one corner removed enabling you to free up valuable space in a small bathroom. Unlike a quadrant, pentagon enclosures come with multiple door styles offering greater flexibility.


Offset Pentagon

An offset pentagon enclosure is a pentagon but with one side longer than the other. Slotting neatly into a corner, they are an ideal space-saving alternative to a rectangular enclosure. The option of several different door styles makes them a popular choice.

Decide on your door

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A hinged shower door opens into the room – something to consider when planning the layout to ensure there is enough clearance. Great for spacious bathrooms, they offer wide access into the shower. Hinged door options are offered on the KOHLER Composed and Torsion® collections.

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Similar to a hinged shower door, pivot doors open out into the room. Rotating on a pin mechanism at the top and the bottom, they too offer a wide access space to the shower. Pivot shower doors are available in the KOHLER Skyline® collection.



In-swing shower doors are perfect for tight spaces. The door swings neatly inwards along a concealed track for a clean, sleek look. In-swing shower doors are an option in the KOHLER Torsion® range – a double design award winner.

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Offered in the KOHLER Skyline® range, a bi-fold door consists of two glass panels that fold inwards on hinges. Perfect for when space outside the enclosure is limited as they don’t encroach into the bathroom.



Sliding doors come in single and double door versions, dependent on the size. Sliding shower doors are designed for large enclosures and combine effortless movement with an ultra-quiet closing action. Starting at 1100mm the entry width can be restrictive so ensure you check it is sufficient to meet your needs. Available across all KOHLER shower enclosure collections, they feature hidden mechanisms for ease of cleaning.

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Divider panel

For a minimalist wet-room look, a glass divider panel is the perfect choice. Divider panels have no doors for a walk-in experience. A fixed panel of glass shields the rest of the room from potential water spray. KOHLER Composed divider panels are available with an optional hinged panel for greater water protection.

Built to last and packed with innovative feature, our wide selection lets you easily upgrade your existing bathroom or custom design a new one. Explore the full KOHLER shower enclosure collection here.