Spa bathrooms are a key trend for 2018; turning an otherwise functional room into an escape from the everyday.

There are so many products on the market which can help you create a room to retreat to. Baths with ample room to lie back and relax, showers which can rival a bath for the ultimate in relaxation and beautiful vessels with stylish taps.

However, you don’t necessarily need a huge room or a big budget to transport yourself into your own personal sanctuary.  Here are some things to consider if you are looking to emulate this look and feel in your own bathroom.


Daily ritual to daily luxury

Whether you enjoy a lengthy shower or a long hot soak in the bath, there are products designed to turn your daily habits into relaxing ‘you time.’ Showers with multiple jets and digital controls can set you up for the day. Baths with ergonomic designs not only look gorgeous but provide the ultimate comfort. Think about how small updates in these washing rituals could elevate your mood.

Statement pieces

Perhaps you would rather create a spa feel with a vessel basin that becomes the focus? If you aren’t ready to do a full room makeover then a statement piece can satisfy the demand for something special. Couple with a beautiful tap, mirror and accessories and washing your hands will never have felt so luxurious.


Relaxation zone

Dedicating an area of the room for relaxation offers a luxurious hotel bathroom feel. The use of soft furnishings in the bathroom, perhaps an upholstered window seat or a comfortable chair, will give you an area to use for pure relaxation or to apply creams and other beauty products.

Mood music

If you enjoy streaming music in your home then why not connect your bathroom too? Speakers which are suitable for bathrooms can help you stay connected to news, podcasts or your favourite playlists.

Veil Lighted.jpg


Lighting creates the perfect atmosphere from every day to ambient. Don’t underestimate what a difference it can make, even if the most you can do is introduce softer bulbs and candles. If you are planning a new bathroom then consider lighting early on during the design process. Consider bathroom items with integral lighting to further enhance the space and give your room a calming feel.

Finishing touches

Don’t forget the little things which will make all the difference. High quality, fluffy towels, gorgeous hand soap and bathing products, pampering body creams and the use of scented candles and diffusers will all turn your bathroom into an aromatherapy experience.


Are you ready to go and plan your very own sanctuary? If you are planning your spa inspired bathroom and have specific questions or product advice, please use the comment boxes below.