How to create a timeless bathroom that won’t date


Designing a room according to current trends runs the risk of having soon to be outdated decor. Trends can change quickly and keeping up-to-date with them can be expensive. Designing a timeless bathroom can not only add value to your house, but can also boast elegance and class.


So, here at KOHLER, our experienced interior designers have put together some top tips on how to establish a timeless bathroom without compromising on style.

Choose a Shower Divider Panel instead of a Shower Curtain


A home acts as a safeplace, a delightful haven and is often a place we take pride in. So creating a bathroom you’re always happy with is important. Our top tip is to opt for a divider panel rather than a shower curtain when designing your new timeless bathroom. A shower divider or bath screen delivers elegance, style and structure. Shower dividers bring a sense of quality and substance to any designer bathroom and add to a timeless design. Easy to clean and appealing to the eye, KOHLER provides a range of luxury shower dividers. Boasting longevity, style and durability, you can explore our full range here.


Opt for Polished Chrome


Polished chrome is a superb option for those wanting to create a timeless bathroom. We believe a bathroom is a place to unwind and relax. It’s a place for quiet time. Creating a calm environment that invites you to breathe deeply and enjoy some well-deserved me time is vital in any home. Polished chrome beholds a timeless quality and introducing it into your bathroom can create a calming surrounding. Whether you choose to introduce polished chrome into your bathroom in the form of towel rails and flush plates, or storage and cabinets, using this classic metal as a copper or brass alternative will ensure a stylish bathroom for years to come.


Explore our luxury range of polished chrome towel rails here, taps here and durable flush plates here.


Dark Wood Works


Dark wood is a great way to bring warmth into your designer bathroom. A storage cabinet made from dark wood is not only a favourable way to hide clutter, but it will also bring balmy tones into a relaxing environment. Additionally, think about how you might be able to use dark wood as flooring to fill a room with timeless character.


Creating a place of serenity in your own home is essential and there is nothing more satisfying than creating a timeless environment for your relaxation.

Tresham Cameo (Tresham Traditional Bathroom).jpg

Avoid Bright Colours and Bold Patterns


By using natural tones in your bathroom, you limit the risk of creating a space that will soon go out of fashion. But, don't worry, using natural colours doesn't always mean boring. Neutral hues emphasise serenity while creating a harmonious and soothing atmosphere. You don’t have to go big and brash to make a statement; soft and breezy colours can be just as interesting.


Less is often more, and minimalism speaks volumes. Steer away from over the top patterns, create a simplistic bathroom and bring in easily disposable elements such as houseplants or bright towels to add to a theme. By doing this, you can switch things up easily according to when your taste changes without undergoing any expensive fixture changes.


Vintage Lasts


Opt for a vintage style bathroom and guarantee decor that doesn't date. Vintage design often beholds class and elegance without giving in to short lived fads or trends. Exhibiting devine character, a vintage bathroom boasts style and longevity. Devise a timeless bathroom by introducing a roll top bath. Create a vintage focal point with our Cirće Freestanding Bath, or our Cléo Freestanding Bath.


Think about vintage finishing touches too. Consider wooden shutter blinds rather than roller blinds or venetian blinds. Look out for wall mirrors with ornate frames or elaborate, yet delicate lighting such as chandeliers. You might even want to introduce wall art into your bathroom. Go for graceful vintage picture frames to stay in keeping with a timeless look and feel.