How to Design the Perfect Cloakroom

Installing a cloakroom, or downstairs bathroom in your home is a great idea. Not only will it ease the pressure on the main bathroom, it may also add value to your home if done well. With a little clever designing, what was once wasted space can become a practical and stylish cloakroom for you, your family and guests to enjoy.

Reach Cloakroom small.jpg


Utilising unused space under the staircase is one of the most popular ways to make room for a small cloakroom. Alternatively, you might section off the end of a long hallway or repurpose a large cupboard. To save costs and disruption, choose a space within easy reach of the existing water supply and soil pipes.

Wherever you choose, it’s important to make sure that the area is still comfortable and leaves sufficient room to manoeuvre. The recommended space required for a toilet and basin, is at least 80cm x 140cm.


When you create a cloakroom, the space is often limited and every centimetre counts. We have a few tips to help maximise the space and create a practical room.


Large items of furniture can dwarf a cloakroom so always buy pieces that suit the scale of your space. Select a small toilet with a short projection like the Reach® Comfort Height Compact toilet or go for a wall-hung model like ModernLife™ which are great at creating the illusion of space.


Keep the Floor Clear
Keeping the floor area free will make a compact space appear larger. Traditionally bulkier pieces like toilets and washbasins appear more compact when hung from the wall; the illusion of flotation creates a sense of space - perfect for a small cloakroom.

Reach Cloakroom Cameo (Reach Cloakroom Bathroom).jpg

Get Clever with Storage
In a small room, it is important to minimise clutter, so storage is vital. What better way to maximise space in a cloakroom than an integrated handwash basin and storage unit. Slimline wall-hung units such as the Reach Compact Base Unit provide the perfect solution to hide away spare toilet rolls, towels and handwash.


Use the Corners
When space truly is at a premium, you can’t afford to waste the room being taken up in the corners of your cloakroom. Corner toilets and basins are a great way to open up the footprint of the room making it feel more open and spacious.

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Play with Perspective
Play with perspective in a small cloakroom by introducing a large or ornate mirror. Position this on the back wall, likely to be above the toilet or basin, and you give the illusion of infinity.


The cloakroom may be the smallest room in the house, but it lends itself to big statements and bold design. It is the perfect space to unleash your creativity and experiment with a style you may not feel confident enough to use in a bigger room.


Get Creative with Wallpaper
Bold bright wallpaper is a great way to bring personality to a small space. If the cloakroom has no window, create an all-enveloping effect with eye-popping patterns like large scale botanicals.

Reve CC WC (Reve Standard Bathroom).jpg

Be Bold with Colour
Colour blocking isn't only for fashion, it can also be very effective in a compact cloakroom. Simplicity is key to achieving this look.  Here a dramatic orange wall bursts out from the white back-drop and bathroom fixtures.


Go for a Theme
Delight your guests with the unexpected and create a themed room. This design embraces a nautical theme complete with porthole mirrors, textured braid and buoy pendant lights. Stepping into this cloakroom, gives the illusion of being on a luxury yacht in the middle of the ocean.

Via Vox Hero (Via Cloakroom Bathroom).jpg

If you want to create drama then a predominantly black palette is hard to beat. Brimming with elegance, especially when paired with metallics and crisp white, black is unfailingly classic and chic. 


Create a Focal Point
Always try to create some sort of focal point in a small cloakroom. This will detract from the feeling of being in a confined space. A statement vessel basin is a great way to achieve this.