How to Get Your Home Guest Ready

The festive season is upon us and along with the celebrations often comes house guests. Getting your home ready for the arrival of family or friends is a good job to do in the week before the real preparation takes over.

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Some say "A tidy space is a tidy mind!" If your home is going to be on show to guests over the festive period it's a wise idea to clear some space before your house gets full to the brim with decorations, gifts and food.

Never underestimate the impact that your bathroom has. We all have bathroom clutter that is easy to accumulate but hard to get rid of. Consider freestanding storage to hide toiletries and other bathroom items to allow you to open up shelf space to display candles or plants. Sort through bottles and jars and throw away anything that is definitely past its best! Any unopened items could be donated to charity.

Ensure you don’t tidy away the bathroom essentials. Add a stack of fluffy towels, some fragrant hand soap and hand cream, and spare your guests any embarrassment by leaving a basket of extra toilet paper in there too.

Deep Clean

Once your home is tidy and clutter-free, take the opportunity to clean. Dust, hoover and air the rooms thoroughly, paying particular attention to the kitchen and bathroom. Deep cleaning can seem an arduous and daunting task, so take a look at our “How to Deep Clean Your Bathroom” article which features a simple 9-step guide to achieving a sparkly clean, healthy bathroom.

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Make an Entrance

First impressions count, so make sure your hallway is looking its best. Your guests will need to hang their coats up, but more importantly, it’s the place your guests are welcomed into your home. Ensure shoes are stored are out of sight. Is there room for your guest’s belongings? If not, move things around and clear out your items to make way for theirs.

Deck the Halls

For many of us, one of the joys of Christmas is putting up the decorations. Whether you favour a clean, neutral palette or deep, rich colours, your home can be transformed into a winter wonderland. Add natural elements such as berry wreaths, pine cones and sprigs of eucalyptus.

Don't forget your Christmas presents are an extension of your interior. What is more magical than a group of beautifully wrapped gifts under a shimmering tree.

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Hotel Worthy Guest Rooms

If your guests are staying overnight pay special attention to your guest room. This room will be your guest’s place of refuge so it should be comfy and peaceful.

Take inspiration from hotels with crisp clean bedding, at least two pillows per person, decorative cushions, a mirror and table lamps. Adding fresh flowers will make the room feel welcoming as well as providing fragrance. If you want to make your guests feel that they are truly on holiday you could provide a pair of slippers, a bathrobe and perhaps some books or magazines to flick through.

Once all of these tasks are complete, you will hopefully have time to relax & enjoy the festivities, however you choose to celebrate!