How to select the perfect kitchen sink

Choosing the right kitchen sink is about more than just aesthetics. The kitchen sink is a hardworking appliance as well as the kitchen’s visual focus, so it’s worth considering your options carefully.

At KOHLER®, we are here to help you design a kitchen that not only works with you - your cooking habits, your lifestyle, your home – but a kitchen that inspires you. This guide will help you navigate your options from the type of material, the style and even the perfect accessories, to ensure that you find the kitchen sink that makes most sense to you.


There are several different ways of installing your kitchen sink. You will need to consider your kitchen cabinet size and the worktop material to determine which kitchen sink installation type works best for you.

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Inset sinks are the easiest style to install, featuring a rim that extends above the worktop surface and supports the sink’s weight, they can be used with any worktop type, including laminate. Also referred to as surface-mount, inset sinks are secured in place with clips and bolts under the counter. Browse Inset sinks here.


Under-mount sinks sit beneath the worktop creating a sleek look. An exposed worktop edge above the sink means they require a solid worktop material such as granite, composite or timber. Under-mount sinks are easy to clean as there is no ledge overlapping the work surface, so crumbs can be swept straight into the sink.

Many of our sinks are suitable for both under-mount and inset-mount applications. Browse Under-mount sinks here.


Similar to an inset sink, this method of installation usually features a stainless steel sink with a slim rim. This sits flush with the worktop and is an increasingly popular look in contemporary kitchen design. To install a flush-mount sink, a recess must be cut in the work surface to allow the sink trim to sit down, creating a streamlined work surface.

Kohler's most contemporary stainless steel sinks; Stages™, 8 Degree™, Poise™ and Vault, may all be installed in this way.

Browse Flush-Mount Sinks here.


Apron-front sinks are often referred to as farmhouse or Belfast sinks. These sinks are notable for their stylish panel at the front. Kohler apron-front sinks are available as under-mount models and can be used in combination with solid worktop materials like granite, composites and timber.

Browse Apron-Front Sinks here.

Bowl configuration

When thinking about the style of your sink, consider how it’s going to be used as well as the space you have available. Do you use your dishwasher for dishes and just wash large pots in the sink or do you hand wash your dishes and want to separate clean and dirty items? From sinks with integrated draining boards to single, 1½ bowl and double-bowl configurations, there is a Kohler sink to match the way you work. 


Single-bowl sinks:
If you have a dishwasher and only plan to wash the odd item, a single bowl could be sufficient. Single bowl sinks are often preferred by the cooking enthusiast as they are perfect for washing large pots and pans. Available in a both stainless steel and cast iron, and in a variety of sizes, there is something to suit every space.

Kohler single-bowl sinks such as Stages™ bring added functionality and organisation to the sink area with a full array of integrated accessories to simplify the cooking and clean-up processes.   

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1½ bowl sinks:
1½ bowl sinks enable you to do two different tasks at once by giving you two bowls with two separate drains – perfect if you want to wash vegetables while the sink is full of dishes. Available in both inset and under-mount styles, there are also options with integrated draining boards.


Double-bowl sinks:
Double-bowl sinks create a versatile workspace with separate but equal sized bowls – ideal for individuals who would rather have separate food prep and clean-up spaces. Available in both cast iron and stainless steel, Kohler double-bowls kitchen sinks include Smart Divide options which feature a half-height sink divider that offers more room to fill and soak larger pans.

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Drainer sinks:
Sinks with integrated draining boards are the perfect solution where laminate worktops prevent you from having draining grooves cut into the work surface. Made from durable stainless steel, Kohler drainer sinks are a scalable option to suit all kitchen sizes.


Are you looking for a material that gives you the choice of gorgeous colours ranging from pale to powerful? Do you need something that saves you time when it comes to cleaning, or do you have your heart set on the classic look of stainless steel?


Cast Iron:
No other material offers the character and craftmanship of enamelled cast iron. Its rich finish and lasting presence makes a bold statement.

Strength – Kohler enamelled cast iron sinks withstand whatever your family dishes out, from heavy pots to searing pans.

Style – Go bold with deep hues, be subtle with pale tones or choose a finish that adds dimensional character to your kitchen.

Soul – Made in Kohler, Wisconsin, our cast iron sinks embody over 145 years of KOHLER craftmanship.

Browse KOHLER Cast Iron sinks here.


Stainless Steel:
Stainless steel is eminently practical and extremely versatile. It’s resistant to staining and easy to clean. Let your style shine with our wide selection of shapes, sizes and designs. Stainless Steel complements any kitchen and is a favourite of enthusiastic cooks and designers alike.

Durability – This classic durable material lives up to its name. Hot pans won’t hurt it, and it’s less likely than harder materials to damage delicate dishware that may slip from your grip.

Cleanability – Stainless steel is rust- and stain-resistant and easy to clean; just give it a quick wipe with a sponge.

Sound absorption – Every Kohler stainless steel sink features SilentShield® sound-absorption technology to significantly reduce noise from clanging dishes and running water.

Browse Stainless Steel sinks here.


Kitchen Accessories

Once you have chosen your ideal sink, ensure you pick out some accessories to help you make the most of it. Many of our kitchen sinks have coordinating accessories including bottom basin racks that protect the sink base, cutting boards and utility racks, all custom-made to fit the sink perfectly.

Our range of universal kitchen accessories will help you simplify your tasks and keep your work surfaces clean and tidy. From dishwasher safe utensil holders, to wine glass drying racks and even a one-of-a-kind squeegee/brush combination, you could be enjoying a clutter-free kitchen in no time.