Planning a renovation is an exciting time, but few projects will go without a hitch.  While there is plenty that you can’t foresee, there is also a lot that you can do to ensure that emotions don’t run too high and that your process is as smooth as possible.


Set a budget

Be realistic with your budget. Prioritise spending on key pieces if you are set on something high end and then you can find more budget options to support this. Don’t forget that labour costs could be your biggest outlay and remember that it is always wise to have a contingency budget.

Source a good project team

Once you have decided on your budget, your next step is to choose a build team. Ask for recommendations from friends and family. These introductions to architects, designers and builders will allow you to learn about costs and choose the right people who understand your vision. They will guide you on initial planning permissions or building regulations if needed, which will reduce the likelihood of issues further down the line.


Time it right

Consider the best time of year to do the project when impact on your family is minimised. Summer time is best if you are knocking down walls but think about other events such as exams or big family occasions. You can always plan the work around a holiday so that you are away at the most disruptive time.

Design to match your space

We all get inspired by interior ideas and trends but make sure you focus on what is achievable with your space. Unless you are knocking down walls to make a room bigger, it’s wise to know your measurements and brief any professionals you are using on these dimensions in the initial planning phase. So much can be done with smaller and irregular space these days, so small rooms don’t always restrict big ideas!


Get a programme of work

Map out the project from start to finish so that everyone involved is working to the same schedule and responsibility for each element of the renovation is clear.  Not only does this focus you to make all major decisions before the work starts, but it helps you to keep the build moving, allows issues to be flagged in good time and helps you prepare for the times when you will be without water and power. 

Be a good neighbour

Make sure that neighbours are aware of your plans to renovate.  This way they are more likely to be patient with contractors, parking, skips and noise. If you are planning a new kitchen then make sure that a drinks and nibbles party for all of them is first on your entertaining list!


If you have a renovation on the horizon then we hope that you find these tips useful. Let us know in the comments below if you have any more tips to add.