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“Business success doesn’t matter much if we can’t say we left the world a better place than we found it.” David Kohler.


It’s easy to get caught up in what we do day-to-day and forget what goes on in the world around us.

KOHLER is in the business of creating water experiences.  We create beautiful products which relax and indulge the body, enhance our senses and make our homes a beautiful place to be.

But we are very aware that in large parts of the world, the luxury of water has a very different meaning. 

Around 1.8 billion people worldwide are affected by unsafe drinking water; 25% of our world population can’t access safe, clean water to meet basic needs for washing and drinking.

This is where the Kohler Clarity water filtration system comes in.

We realised there was a tremendous opportunity to improve both the performance and design of the water filters currently available in developing nations. So, we challenged our industrial designers and engineers to create a better filter. We believe they did just that with the Clarity system.

We have a long history of product design and manufacturing that seamlessly blends form and function. Now, we are bringing our expertise to WaSH (Water, Sanitation and Hygiene) initiatives worldwide to help solve these health and hygiene problems.

Designed in the UK, Kohler Clarity filters out more than 99% of bacteria and protozoa from water, providing up to 40 litres of safe water each day - enough for a small family.

Created with the same high standards of quality and design that we bring to all our products; the filtration system is incredibly simple to use and maintain. Kohler Clarity follows global health leader PATH’s CI filter guidelines and meets the World Health Organisation quality standards.

It is already changing the lives of many families in developing countries.


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With access to Kohler Clarity, families are using a system that is easy to assemble and clean and which requires no electricity or water infrastructure to work. Just gravity doing its own work to filter up to two litres of water per hour.

Cleansing dirty water in this way reduces the risk of certain water-borne illnesses by 45%.

Kohler Clarity reflects our company mission to develop sustainable products.

The lid, base and fixing nut in Clarity contain recycled plastics from our toilet seat production. The biodegradable corrugated box is shaped to fill a shipping container with as many units as possible, reducing shipping costs while getting as many units to families who need it.

The ceramic filter is estimated to last for up to one year, so Clarity costs less than 1 pence per person per day to operate. At the end of the filter’s useful life, the cartridge can be easily removed and replaced, eliminating the need to purchase a new system.

We are proud of the difference we can make, and we won’t stop there.

We have worked with Safe Water Kenya to improve water quality and conservation and our ongoing relationship with the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation and Caltech means that we will work to design more sanitary toilet solutions for communities without a centralised water treatment infrastructure.

Our President and CEO David Kohler sums up the ethos of our company on this and other community projects we champion at Kohler: “Business success doesn’t matter much if we can’t say we left the world a better place than we found it.

“Together, we can empower people to take water treatment into their own hands — and bring health, happiness and hope to everyone through the fundamental force of water.”

For more information on the Kohler Clarity initiative, click here.