Introducing ModernLife™

At KOHLER® we believe that the bathroom should be a haven – a sanctuary designed to take us away from the frenzied pace of today’s lifestyle, where we remain unconcerned with domestic inconveniences. 

It is with this in mind, that we have created a superior blend of comfort and convenience in the new ModernLife bathroom range. Every aspect of the contemporary design has been crafted with the aim of achieving ultimate hygiene. It is designed for cleanliness, comfort, and convenience.

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The KOHLER ModernLife wall-hung toilet

The ModernLife wall-hung toilet is the new standard in effortless hygiene and cleaning, offering an ultra-thin easy-lift seat – keeping necessary contact to a minimum. The seat itself is removable with a simple vertical lift – perfect for the ultimate in bathroom cleanliness.

The rimless bowl ensures no hidden dirt traps, no stains, and super-easy cleaning. Its unique, streamlined design facilitates quick yet thorough cleaning of the surrounding areas and the bevelled edge drains excess liquid directly into the bowl to prevent unhygienic build-up.

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The KOHLER ModernLife countertop basins

Created with timeless simplicity in mind, the ModernLife basins follow the trend in contemporary countertop design. Effortless cleaning is a result of the CleanCoat™ stain resistant coating and the wipe-clean flow with no hidden areas to trap dirt or build-up. The ageless durability of the ModernLife basins makes these a sound design investment.

The basins are available in two variants to suit your unique design needs. Choose between the basin without a tap deck or a basin which includes a tap deck.

ModernLife is versatile: Perfect for small bathroom design in a modern apartment or equally for generous spaces that demand the best trending bathroom ideas. Its elegant design reinforces the functional aesthetic of these bathroom essentials – simplifying cleaning requirements to make modern life just that much – effortless.

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Contemporary Design Meets Effortless Hygiene with ModernLife

Cleaning is a chore very few enjoy and, in a world where we live increasingly busy lives, we embrace solutions that streamline the process. Spanning the spectrum from simple multi-purpose cleaners through to robot vacuum cleaners, we seek ways to restore quality time.

This need was at the forefront of our designer’s mind when ModernLife was created - a collection that perfectly marries form and function. Sharp lines, soft edges and seamless minimalist forms are combined with purposeful function and easy-clean touches.

Every aspect of the contemporary design has been crafted with the aim of achieving effortless hygiene. Stylish and straightforward, each piece has carefully balanced proportions and a distinct lack of hidden areas where dirt and grime could collect. Cleaning is reduced to a simple swipe.

An invisible coating keeps the ceramic surfaces stain free. CleanCoat™ technology creates a barrier between water and the surface so water and dirt run off in droplets, making them easy to clean and ensuring they look their best for years to come.  

The collection includes a Red Dot Design Award winning rimless toilet. The Red Dot Design Award is one of the most prestigious design awards worldwide and honours innovation, concepts and visions.

With its pure form, ModernLife is timeless, making it at home in traditional or contemporary spaces. Available in a wide array of configurations, the collection accommodates both small and spacious settings. Explore the full ModernLife range here.

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