September is here, the kids are back at school and the nights are drawing in. We hate to mention it, but before you know it the clocks will have changed, and Christmas will be here.

Along with all the food, gifts and organising that Christmas brings are the addition of house guests. Be it friends or family that are coming to stay, you will want your home to be ready and something that you are proud of. This is often the incentive to do that bathroom refurbishment you have been planning but putting off. With just 15 weeks to go, now is the time to start!

You may be asking What’s the rush? The reality is that a project like this takes far longer than you would anticipate. TV make-over shows may give the illusion of a bathroom renovation being a quick job, but in truth it will take several weeks. And, that’s just the physical build and installation. Before that you will have the design and planning phase as well the task of finding a contractor that is available.

Whether it is a cloakroom, en suite, the main family bathroom or a guest bathroom, the process is very similar and will require all of the same trades to complete the project.

To help you speed up the initial design and planning phase, we have teamed up with MAG Bathrooms to walk you through the process, to ensure you will be completely prepared.


Gerry Cox, from MAG Bathrooms, says, “We would typically ask in the first instance the type of bathroom you are looking to create – whether this is a guest bathroom or a refurbishment of the main family bathroom.” This determines the requirements and recommendations that would be made. “If you are looking to refurbish a family bathroom we would direct towards solutions with flexible storage and family friendly features. If you are looking for a guest bathroom, usually we find these are in houses that already have master en suites and family bathrooms, so we would tailor our approach towards a design that offers flexibility for guests to locate wash bags and freshen up in comfort.” Gerry shared that they find that guest bathrooms tend to be shower rooms and less bath focussed.

“Once we have established the type of bathroom you are looking to create we would move on to the available space and room configurations so we can determine the best use of space. We would ascertain in the design and layout of the space if there were any special requirements or features in terms of how the bathroom operates. We would also determine if the room needs to accommodate visitors with any special needs – like raised height toilets or low profile shower trays, walk-in showers etc. This stage would also incorporate the assessment and implications of any difficult to move features like windows, doors, soil pipes etc. which tend to be fixed points around which the features or requirements of the design need to be formed.”


“We would then try to establish the overall budget for the scheme – whether supply only or supply and fix – so we can make sure we understand your requirements and available resources. We can prioritise spend in the right areas when we move on to aesthetics and features of the scheme we are proposing.”

“Once we have the bones of the scheme in terms of room type, layout, fixed room features and budget clear, we would tend to focus on aesthetics and using our showroom displays and marketing literature would guide you through the scheme and select appropriate products to suit your  requirements. We would generate a quotation and specification and make any revisions or adjustments that you might require with a view to honing the scheme to meet your requirements as closely as possible.”

Gerry finishes by highlighting that they would also check product lead-times to make sure the items specified are available to suit the project installation programme.

Now we have provided some insight into what to expect, its time to get cracking.

MAG Bathrooms Ltd

MAG Bathrooms Ltd has been trading for over 35 years and we are pleased to display and offer the full range of Kohler kitchen and bathroom products to our retail and trade customers. We specialise in residential, commercial, development and hotel projects and offer a full design and specification service for all Kohler ranges. We can also offer additional contract support for larger schemes coupled with phased deliveries to suit site programmes. Our experienced design team will be very pleased to help you specify the perfect bathroom or kitchen using the fabulous range of exciting Kohler products.