Prep Sinks: For When Preparation is Key to Success

Lives are busy, schedules are rushed and dinner prep is frequently an addition to the list rather than enjoyable. Meal times become a balance of speed and tidiness instead of a pastime to enjoy. Channel your inner chef with a smart sink and you’ll become so organised that the preparation will almost take care of itself!


A prep sink creates space by keeping important items in their place allowing you to work clutter free. Integrated accessories in cleverly designed spaces will support you in making the perfect meal. Small details in planning can make all the difference; you may even enjoy the prep!

Setting up a food prep area next to your sink will help you efficiently wash and chop your vegetables. Keeping everything close will reduce mess and give you access to water as frequently as you need it.

Let us introduce to you to Stages. The sink that will make rushed meals a thing of the past.

Stages comes with an array of stylish accessories which all fit ergonomically into the sink. Both functional and beautiful.  


The wooden, integrated chopping board slides across the width of the sink allowing you to easily slice and dice once you have rinsed your vegetables.

Knives can be kept close to hand in the utensil trays.  Small prep bowls are included so that you can separate all ingredients and add them to your favourite dish when needed. These prep bowls also double up as the perfect party piece to display nibbles.


Base racks help to protect the engineered stainless steel from scratching by raising heavy pots and pans away from the bottom of the sink. The best protection for when it’s time to wash up.

A place for everything, and everything in its place - metal storage racks tuck away the accessories when not in use and create clutter free work surfaces for when prep time is over.


A prep sink is more than an accessory, it’s a lifestyle choice. Whether you are planning a full renovation or looking to change your sink for something smarter, we can help you along the way to creating an effortless experience in the kitchen.