Space Saving in the Bathroom

Many of us dream of having a palatial designer bathroom with twin washbasins, freestanding bath and walk-in shower, but for most of us space makes this unattainable.

The great news is that with some clever planning and smart design decisions there is plenty that you can do with a small space to bring your dream bathroom to life.


Add a cloakroom

The space under the stairs often becomes a dumping ground for things we no longer use, storing the vacuum cleaner and providing a home for spiders. This under-utilised space could be the perfect solution to enable you to add a downstairs cloakroom.

Furnished with a compact hand wash basin and toilet, this additional room will simplify family life and potentially add value to your home.


Remove the bath

There is no doubt that it is the bath that takes up the majority of the space in the bathroom. Ask yourself how much you use it. If you aren’t one for soaking in the tub, opt to remove it and replace it with a shower enclosure. It will not only save you space, but also time in the morning and money as you will use less water.  A pentagon or quadrant enclosure really will make the most of your available space.  Similarly, selecting a sliding or bi-fold enclosure door will omit the requirement for space to open the door into the room.


Wall hung fixtures

Choosing a wall mounted vanity unit or a wall hung toilet will open up the floor area of your bathroom, creating the illusion of space. The vanity unit will provide storage to keep the room clutter free and taking these items off the floor makes cleaning far less of a chore.

A wall mounted tap will allow for a more shallow sink or vanity unit, but do check that the wall can take the required pipes.



Adding a mirror will instantly make a room appear bigger. A mirrored cabinet will not only accommodate your daily beauty routine but will give you much needed storage.

For major impact, expand your mirror. A mirror that stretches across the entire wall, not just above the basin, will maximise the effect and enable two people to use it at once.


Use lots of small lights

Light is key to creating the illusion of space. Make sure that every corner of your bathroom is well lit by installing lots of smaller LED lights instead of one large ceiling light. The extra lights will brighten the room making it appear larger and more inviting.


Solid colour

Busy patterns can be very overpowering in a small room, making it appear cramped and clutter. Using light natural tones will create an open, spacious feel. If you can’t resist bringing in some bold colour then consider keeping it to one wall and making a feature of it.



Ceramic wall tiles are the perfect material to reflect light around your bathroom, helping it appear larger than it is. Select one light tone and apply it to both walls and floor.

Size is just as important as colour, a large scale tile will mean less grout joints, making the surface more reflective and less busy, as well as creating a luxury feel to the room.