Our advice continues this week for those who are planning a new bathroom. This second part of our Top Ten Tips guides you through the points you need to consider before you start your dream bathroom. If you haven’t seen part one of our Top Tips you can find it here.

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6) Bath or Shower?

This is a regular debate in bathroom design. For a time it became common to remove the bath in favour of a walk-in shower. Indeed, as we become a more ageing population this more accessible choice is often considered.

However, bathing is back on wish lists as the ultimate luxury, where we escape at the end of a busy day.

If you are having trouble in deciding what is best, consider what your needs are both now and in the future. Whether for a future family of your own, grandchildren or simply protecting the value of a house if you want to sell.

7) Design Style

As you research bathroom styles you’re bound to be wowed by the latest trends in terms of patterns, materials and shapes. 

At Kohler we aim to lead in bathroom trends and understand the joy these fresh ideas can bring. However, the talent comes in mixing these trends with a timeless design. On average, a bathroom is replaced every 10 years. Focus current trends on elements like wallpaper, paint and accessories and invest in a suite that will look beautiful for years to come.

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8) Storage

A bathroom is a place where you can relax but this is hard to do if you are looking at bath toys, bottles or piles of spare towels. 

Consider storage early in the design process and your bathroom will be streamlined and clutter free.

Think about the possibility of building alcoves in the shower area for toiletries, using space in furniture and mirrored cabinets for smaller items like make-up and jewellery and using towel rails which can accommodate the required number of towels for you.

9) Lighting

Lighting can have such a positive effect on a bathroom. Is your room small? Does it have natural light or is the light only artificial? Do you want to have a soft glow at night? These are all important points to understand before you choose products.

In a shared, multi-function bathroom, lighting can be used to turn a busy family room into a peaceful evening sanctuary.

Dimmable mood lighting, lights integrated into mirrors, night lights integrated into toilets and even candle light should be carefully considered.



10) Materials

Your bathroom will look beautiful when it is installed, but how do you make sure it stays that way? Choose practical and durable materials to keep your suite looking pristine. Easy clean products, such as our low-level shower trays with BioCote technology built-in, reduce bacteria and mould growth by up to 99.9%.

We hope that our Ten Top Tips have been useful and that you feel ready to plan your bathroom project.  Keep checking back on our blog for wider inspiration and product suggestions.