Top Three Kitchen Trends You Should Know About

The kitchen is the heart of the home where we cook, eat, entertain and socialise and it’s also where all the best parties happen!

We talked to Creative Design Director Tom Howley, from one of our retail partners Tom Howley Kitchens, to glean some up to the minute design inspiration and find out what customers are asking for in their kitchens.


Black Kitchens

Light and neutral palettes are making way for a moodier and more daring style. Dark colours immediately give a sense of elegance, intrigue and opulence.

Howley says, "For those clients that want to add a stronger injection of colour, black, grey and navy remain very popular and can be contrasted with light colour work surfaces and flooring." 


Smoked wood finishes

Heavily grained dark wood is beginning to make an entry, taking over from a more pared back scandi-feel. Designers are embracing smokier tones and natural textures for an earthy, rustic kitchen design. Contrasted with bright, statement brassware; this image features the Karbon kitchen tap for a true wow factor that really sets off the island unit.

“The use of a smoked oak finish provides a platform for design choices in the form of the woodgrain itself. A key design detail to bear in mind is the use of vertical versus horizontal woodgrain,” advises Howley. “Wildly different looks can be achieved by using the grain in different ways. Kitchens with low ceilings, in converted barns for example, can be given a loftier look if we specify a vertical grain pattern. Or, we can play to the low-lying cosiness of the space and use a horizontal grain."


Statement island counters

It’s not hard to see why the popularity of kitchen islands is still growing - offering a storage solution, informal place to eat, extra prep space when cooking and a boundary between living and kitchen areas. Kitchen islands offer the potential to concentrate a bolder finish or colour and allow you to incorporate a more expensive material that would be prohibitive across an entire room.

Howley says, "More and more, we are seeing requests for statement island counters. It is an integral part of approximately 80% of our clients' kitchens, but our discerning market is becoming much more imaginative and explorative with colour when it comes to cabinetry. Many opt for neutral surfaces, pantries and wall cabinets, which they pair with a brave tone such as a deep blue or forest green on the island counter. This gives the kitchen a more contemporary feel, without overpowering the whole space. This has been a popular kitchen trend in 2018: a classic and simple statement, letting homeowners to express themselves through intelligent use of colour."

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