Traditional v Contemporary Kitchen Taps

The tap is the work horse of the kitchen, from filling the kettle to soaking the dishes, it is in use, day in day out. So, whether you are planning an entire kitchen refurbishment, or simply updating key areas, it is essential to invest in a tap that is built to last as well as meeting your design and lifestyle needs.

Before you begin

When it comes to selecting your kitchen tap, there’s a wide variety of options to choose from and practicalities to consider. To get the best performance from your tap it is important to choose one that is designed for your home’s water pressure, so this is a great place to begin. If you have a low-pressure water system, a tap specifically designed for low pressure will guarantee you a steady flow of water. If you are lucky enough to have a high-pressure system then you will be able to consider a more innovative tap that includes features designed to streamline kitchen tasks.

Kardon Single-lever Tap (C6227-C15-BV)
Purist Single-lever Tap (7507W-BL)

Tap Styles

Your tap is a very prominent feature in your kitchen and will catch your eye more often than you expect. It is the attention to detail such as the design that will give your kitchen a cohesive look. When determining the style of tap, consider the style of your sink as well as that of the overall kitchen. Try to keep the scale proportional to that of your sink.

Your choice of tap is typically influenced by the style of kitchen you’re going for, so if yours is to be a more traditional kitchen, you’ll probably want taps in keeping with this theme. Similarly, if you are going for a contemporary kitchen style, you are likely to want a modern tap design.


Single Lever Taps

Single lever monobloc taps have a single spout with either a top or side lever handle to enable you to turn the water on and set the temperature in one easy move. On a top lever tap, such as Aleo, movement up and down controls the flow, and pivoting left and right adjusts the temperature. On a side lever tap, like the Kohler Purist, you pull the lever out or push in to turn the tap on and off and move front to back to control the temperature.

With a combination of a single mount hole and single lever, the sleek minimalist look works well in a contemporary space.

Pull-down Taps

Pull-down taps are a great choice for their flexibility and convenience. Typically, modern monobloc in design, a sprayhead on the spout pulls down into the sink for close up tasks or out of the sink to allow filling of large pots.

Kohler pull-down taps feature a unique docking system, DockNetik®, which secures the pull-down sprayhead to the spout using magnetic force. Whilst ProMotion™ technology encompasses a light, quiet nylon hose and ball joint, and enhances the sprayhead functionality by making it more comfortable to use.

Cruette Pull-down Tap (C780)
HiRise 2-Handle Tap (7341W-4)

Two Handle Taps

Two handle taps feature a monobloc body with the added convenience of two handles making it easy to find your desired water temperature. They typically feature a higher rotating spout – perfect for pot filling or cleaning.

This style of tap can be very versatile. With traditional and transitional designs that complement both a modern and traditional style kitchen.

Bridge Taps

Similar to two handle taps, bridge taps have a single spout and two handles, but require a two hole installation. The spout is raised above the deck in a ‘bridging’ design. Separate hot and cold handles ensure accurate temperature control, whilst the high clearance swing spout is great for prep and clean-up tasks.

A fresh interpretation on a classic tap design, bridge taps are suited to both a modern or traditional environment. Bridge taps complement butler or Belfast sinks perfectly.

Parq Deck-mount Bridge Tap (C6130-3)
HiRise Deck-mount Pot Filler (7323W-4)

Pot Fillers

Inspired by professional kitchens, pot fillers allow you to fill your large pots right where you need them. Available in wall or deck mount options, they can be installed directly over a sink or near the hob avoiding the need to carry heavy pots across the kitchen. With a higher-than-average flow rate and extended reach pot fillers are perfect for any busy kitchen.