Vintage Charm Rediscovered with Artifacts®


The Edwardian era saw everyday objects created and manufactured with a high degree of ingenuity. The designs reflected hard working, frugal and practical-minded craftsmen that needed to adapt to available resources and technology. The design of KOHLER Artifacts® revives this pragmatic approach and ancestral know-how and combines it with today's leading-edge technology.

Inspired by turn-of-the-century charm, each piece is like a vintage treasure rediscovered in a street market or antique shop. With distinct forms and rich ornamental detail encompassing spouts, handles, accessories and showering, the collection offers multiple style variations that bring the entire room together in one complete look.


While Artifacts is firmly rooted in the past, its eclectic design appeal resonates loudly today through its elegant and timeless styling. From casual to formal, Artifacts is at home in any décor – giving you the freedom to interpret the collection any way you wish.

A mix and match concept allow you to curate personalised pieces, customising your look with vintage style. Sold separately, the basin spouts and handles have been designed to work together in a multitude of creative configurations.

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