Bringing a botanical theme into the home can have a lot of benefits. Currently at the height of trends, we give our top tips on creating a botanical bathroom while explaining some of the positive effects too. So if you're currently investigating new bathroom designs, consider swapping out your simple interior ideas for something a bit more invigorating.

  1. Colourful.


For those who have opted to create a timeless bathroom with subtle and neutral colours, houseplants can be a great way to introduce colour into a room without having to implement any permanent interior changes. Plants are an inexpensive and easily changeable addition to your interior design and there are many varieties that thrive in the high humidity and warm temperatures created in a bathroom.

  1. Atmospheric.


Houseplants have the power to brighten and lift a room while also adding to an exotic aesthetic. Create a refreshing atmosphere in your bathroom with bright botanicals; an atmosphere that invites you to relax and unwind.

  1. Purifying.


Succulents and houseplants are great for purifying the air. English Ivy is a top air purifying plant as it can remove mold from the surrounding air. By introducing plants into your bathroom you can encourage a calming and relaxing environment. Breathe deeply and enjoy your surrounding while enjoying a well-deserved bath at the end of a long day.

  1. Health benefits.


Peace Lilies and Snake Plants thrive in bathroom conditions as well as possessing health benefits. Peace Lilies reduce stress while Snake Plants can help with sleep problems - the ideal addition to a bedtime shower. Aloe Vera is an incredibly useful plant to have around the home as you can apply gel directly from the plant to minor cuts and burns, insect bites and dry skin.

  1. Patterns and prints.


Think about how you can add to a botanical bathroom theme by revamping your towels. Choose shades of green or fabrics with floral patterns.


If you’re feeling brave, you could even go for a botanical wallpaper. A bold botanical print can bring real character and personality into a bathroom and works well against whites and greys. The benefits of a statement wallpaper are that you can be right on trend without spending a fortune and it’s easy to update!

Also consider how you can bring botanical art into your bathroom. Framed and pressed plants add elegance into a well thought out bathroom.


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