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The design of Aleo resulted from our research into the evolving and complex nature of modern urban lifestyle. There is a conflict in priorities emerging between work and home and efforts to find a new balance. The role of the bathroom is evolving constantly as a result. No longer is it just a place to bathe, but an extension of living space, with a multi-mode, multi-person role demanding the highest standards of design, hygiene, performance and intuitive functionality. 

The chief function of the city is to convert power into form, energy into culture


The Paris studio led the design and began by exploring compact, democratic forms that could simultaneously convey robust quality and precision within a friendly intuitive form. The concepts resulting were exacting compositions of masculine and feminine meanings seeking to create a relevant and original solution with a modesty and balance that solves and does not create problems. 

Its flat-topped handle and spout with a clean, symmetrical edge announces precision construction; the sinuous underside of the spout and the blending of the body to sink deck is softened and approachable. All are seamlessly integrated with an engineered-polymer core that provides unparalleled hygiene and ease of maintenance. 

Aleo's design reflects modern efficiency, invigorated by very few gestures, while enhancing the ease with which users can handle and clean the tap. 

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