Contemporary interior design has an infinite variety of expression. To discover the potential for new and inspiring tap designs, we continuously converse with designers and consumers worldwide, probing for insight and meaning that we can connect to with new design.This work caused us to debate emotion in modern design and consider how to craft minimalism, to prevent it from becoming impersonal without resorting to known visual characteristics – a non-referential modernity, without a backward glance.

Design dissolving into behaviour.


A global design team, using the cultural conversations as a springboard, set about encapsulating contemporary mood in metal, seeking sensitivity and emotional connection without sliding into embellishment or cliché.

Avid’s elegant, modern and somewhat feminine form was created by the U.S. team following an extensive collaborative concept period. Fluid metal flows from deck through spout. As it turns forward, Avid splits, projecting a graceful fingertip-control lever far forward. The lever connection is pushed as far back as possible to maintain a continuous flowing surface through the 90-degree turn.

By pairing painstaking simplicity with visual comfort, versatile Avid creates an inviting emotional response and coordinates with most contemporary bathroom interiors.

Avid 22.JPG

Avid 2.JPG
Avid 3.JPG
Avid 4.JPG