Diversity within interior design, delights and inspires designers at Kohler. Communications and social media streams now fuel experimentation, the leading edge dancing forward constantly. Against this fluid backdrop, creating new product demands clarity of purpose and a refusal to compromise. 

art is the elimination of the unneccessary


Resonant within our observations was the repeated role of the best of the best, those seemingly timeless pieces that find purpose in many interiors. They are frequently simple, always highly resolved and truthful to their intent.

Inspiration for Composed finally came from Rowena Reed Kostellow, a professor at Brooklyn's famed Pratt Institute between 1939 and 1988. Kostellow showed generations of artists and designers how to transform precisely defined basic shapes into visual poems that elicit an emotional response. The single-handed tap led our exploration. Often the most difficult piece to design, with our self-imposed goal, it would set the standard for the Composed range.

Composed is obsessively so. The intent is to delight in detail whatever the role within the interior.

Composed 1.JPG


The handle designs favour a minimalist aesthetic for a timeless beauty. The pure handle offers pure simplicity with a touch of whimsy and surprise, while the joystick provides elegance for a distinctive visual statement.

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