In conversations with designers and consumers about the bathrooms they were wanting to create, personalised minimalism was a frequent topic. The calming allure of perfect proportion, order and refined detail has an enduring and broad appeal - a counterpoint to a 24/7 lifestyle. For some, this disciplined architecture is all that's needed, but for many it forms a background against which individuality can then be expressed through objects, art or carefully chosen design. This is how we approached the design of Purist; we wanted to achieve simplicity with soul to provide a choice for a discerning eye.

In history, a great volume is unrolled for our instruction


The U.S. design team led the design and reduced the product to its basic elements as a starting point. Delving into the industrial origins of water supply, they were inspired by the cast, forged and wrought components where form clearly followed function.

A simple hand pump led to the unique body, handle and spout architecture which defines the Purist bathroom basin tap and is the essence for the range. We stripped this iconic form back, making adjustments for the bathroom application but staying true to the functional intent. In our research, we also found the source of the tap's subtle character. To anchor the product, we designed a turned escutcheon inspired by industrial-revolution-era mouldings and industrial couplings. Handles start and finish with precise external and internal radii to give a quietly decorative strength.

Purist is minimalism with a twist. Contemporary, versatile and confidently original.  

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3-hole Lever Handle Face On
Smile Handle