The pursuit of less in order to mean more has been a defining architectural trend in modern times. As science and technology continue to redefine what is possible, we continue to refine, reduce and perfect our definitions of minimalism. The attraction is simplicity. Whether in architecture or product, the eye sees and comprehends efficiently, making time for all else. This defined the brief. A product that could harmonise within, or by itself add a sense of quiet perfection. 

The essence of genius is to know what to overlook


And so water became the start. By reducing what defines a tap to its most elemental nature, you return to the purity of a stream of water that must flow from its origin to your use. Draw this path, clad the water in the least metal and you define Stillness. This became our design principle. Tubular forms reduced to their smallest allowable sizes. Handles defined in length and height by a hand's dimensions. The thickness is only that required, nothing more. We also observed how the beauty of a pure stream of water was destroyed by conventional aerators. Water is the ultimate experience and so we explored ways to preserve this. We discovered laminar flow and how, through precise design, we could extend the Stillness experience out through the water to you. 

Innovation in manufacturing process was required to achieve previously impossible bend radii and the precise intersection of thin handles to valves. To achieve a simple single-hole tap required total deconstruction. The components were redistributed, placing the valve below the deck and finding a new way to restore control within the slimmest diameter spout. 

Stillness is evidence of the disciplined pursuit of less. 

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