6 Kitchen Design Trends

Our Top 6 Kitchen Design Trends for 2016

Meet your dream kitchen: Where food comes with a side-dish of love, where great design enhances the flavours of everyday life, where stylish sinks and taps make routine tasks more pleasurable...

So explore these six collections, created by us to help inspire you. Discover the freshness of an all-white space; a kitchen that connects with nature, vibrant colours, and much more. All with distinctive sink and tap pairings for the way you cook - and live - today. 


The White on White Kitchen

An all-white kitchen can borrow elements from several trends for a curated look. We're seeing vintage touches in iconic appliances and classic brick tiles, and soft-modern elements such as undermounted sinks. Carefully chosen hits of deep colour will ground an all-white space.

The white on white palette is more popular than ever, especially in the kitchen. Pure and clean, white attracts light, creating a canvas where stylish accessories - and fabulous food - provide the colour. Whether fitted with vintage touches or streamlined and sleek, white layered on white is a look that works beautifully for both classic and contemporary styles.

Door Handles

Smoky Sultry

Showing a move toward honest, authentic building materials, the new-natural kitchens have lean profiles with plenty of touch-me texture. Earthy tones bring an urban edge to stone worksurfaces, open shelving and mixed metals.

From topaz-hued glass to gleaming copper cookware and accessories, the smoky kitchen aesthetic is fast gaining discerning admirers. Imagine ember hues of warm wood cabinetry, rich charcoal-hued sinks and beyond - this sultry look can come to life with multiple elements of from backdrop can come to life through multiple elements or from one distinctive statement piece.


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Black goes opulent in a cooking space for avid entertainers. Rich wooden worksurfaces, and quartz wall coverings, luxurious look.

It's the iconic look that signals elegance and sophistication in fashion. And now black is equally at home in the kitchen. There are so many ways to incorporate black: on cabinets and walls, on worktops and sinks, in any and all combinations. Black and white is a classic pairing that's always in style. And there's nothing more chic than deep, glossy black with gleaming tile accents.

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Pale Neutrals

Designers are using clean lines and barely-there neutrals in a quest for simpler spaces. Mixed textures, whitewashed woods and open shelving create quietly elegant rooms. Architectural details and glamorous lighting add intimacy.

Soft, quiet and calming, it seems the pale neutral trend is everywhere right now - including the kitchen. Soft blush hues, greys and dusky browns show up alone, in layers, or contrasted with bright white. Silver-grey stained woods, pale-neutral paint shades and cast iron sinks in rich and complementary colours are the distinctive elements that make up this style.


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Personalised spaces filled with collected treasures add up to rooms that are highly individual. Artisan materials such as patterned floor tiles, handcrafted wallpaper and patterned carpets add unmistakable panache.

Strong, vibrant patterns are making a big splash these days in fashion, advertising and interiors. From exuberant wallpaper to bold floor tiles and backsplashes, design-conscious homeowners are increasingly embracing patterns - and the kitchen is no exception. Whether geometric, floral or abstract, the pattern trend has only one rule: choose a look you'll love living with every day.

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Colour Block

Distinctive architecture is elevating urban kitchens, while a swathe of expressive colour can match an evocative mood. Classic elements like crisp marble worksurfaces, panelled walls and high ceilings add vintage style to modern spaces.

Street style, public architecture, couture catwalks: All are revelling in bright, joyful colour. Interior designers are using it with abandon, fully saturating spaces with a single tone, combining vibrant colour with contrasting whites or neutrals and punctuating spaces with splashes of colour from the opposite side of the spectrum. Get creative!  


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