Conquer Kitchen Clutter

Want to spend less time on mundane kitchen tasks - and more on the fun stuff? Who doesn't? We've got hard-working products to organise your kitchen, speed up your workflow and keep everything neat and tidy.

Smart Storage

Adding simple storage to your space is a great way to keep cleaning materials organised and within easy reach. Pare down the number of sponges, scrubbers and brushes crowding your worktops and drawers by swapping them for tools with multiple uses. Reset™ kitchen accessories feature a variety of simple, functional products, from dishwasher-safe utensil holders to a one-of-a-kind squeegee/brush combination. You could be enjoying a clutter-free kitchen in no time.

Reset Surface Wiper

Stages Front View

Multitasking sinks

Many of our kitchen sinks, such as Stages™, have added accessories like prep bowls, utensil trays and cutting boards to make cooking and cleaning faster and easier.

Our Strive™ sink features utility racks, bottom bowls racks and towel bars that set right into the sink. Using integrated tools within your sink space transforms your standard sink into a fully usable workstation. So you’re not only containing your mess to one easy-to-clean area, but you’re also keeping bulky accessories from cluttering your worktops.

Intelligent taps

Upgrading to a tap that works with you in the kitchen can also save time and effort - so go with the flow...

Sensate® touchless kitchen tap's hands-free spray activates with just the wave of your hand, pot or pan. A single-handle design keeps the sink deck clutter-free and easily controls water temperature.

Sweep™ spray is another nifty KOHLER innovation. Featuring specially angled nozzles to deliver a powerful blade of water, this spray does all the dirty work: sweeping away stuck-on food from your dishes at the push of a button.

Sensate White

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