Designed to be designed.

Components is a full collection for the contemporary bathroom. The collection invites you to design your own signature look by combining a spout with your style of handles. The different spout and handle combinations within this curated collection allow you to bring a touch of your personality into the room. Once you have found a style that speaks to your taste, select your finish and bring the entire room together with Components showering designs and accessories.

With different combinations creating distinct looks, Components is a versatile collection that was designed to be designed. By you.

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Choose your spout.

Every spout within the Components collection features minimalist modern lines. This creates a bold silhouette for a striking design statement in any bathroom. Both the Row and Tube spouts feature laminar flow for less splash and a more natural movement to the water stream. Combine a spout with any set of handles to create the look you want.

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Choose your handle.

Each handle within the Components collection delivers precise water flow and temperature control. Every actuation is intuitive and effortless. Combine a set of handles with any spout for a quintessentially modern look.



Give the shower a touch of modernism with handles and more.

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The minimalist modern design extends to towel bars and more.

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Modern versatility.

The versatility and personalisation of the Components collection enables it to be used in a wide range of looks and styles. Combine a spout, handles and finish to create a personalised look for the room you want.

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