Ease, Hone & True

Ease, Hone & True

There’s no doubt about it: stainless steel is a popular choice for today’s kitchens, from refrigerators and stoves to kitchen sinks, and for good reason. This classic material is not only practical, it’s also extremely versatile. While stainless steel sinks’ neutral colour and sleek looks complement a wide range of kitchen styles, they’re most at home in contemporary and transitional spaces.

Why choose KOHLER® Stainless Steel Sinks?

1. Stainless Steel Gauge
• KOHLER® stainless steel sinks are made from 16- to 22-gauge type 304 and 301 stainless steel.
• The stainless steel is made of a chrome and nickel alloy that assures the sinks provide exceptional resistance to stains and corrosion.
• The lower the gauge, the thicker the steel. Thick steel is less likely to dent and is more sound resistant.

2. SilentShield® Technology
• SilentShield sound absorption pads are applied to all KOHLER kitchen sinks.
• The pads are made of a rubber compound and significantly reduce noise from clanging dishes and from running water and disposals.

3. Durability
Stainless steel sinks live up to their name: they are incredibly resistant to staining and rust. Hot pans won’t hurt them, and they’re less likely than harder materials such as stone or fireclay to damage delicate dishware that may slip from your grip.

4. Hygienic
Most stainless steel sinks just need a quick wipe down with a sponge at least once a week.

5. One box solution
Your chosen kitchen sink includes a basket strainer, overflow, blanking plug and fittings kit as standard.



Exploiting a design brief of gracious and welcoming aesthetics, our new Ease range offers a collection of inset drainer sinks to fit any kitchen dimension. A scalable solution to suit all kitchen sizes, the simple and robust nature of the Ease range offers both beautiful presentation and a long life solution for elegant kitchens.

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The design of Hone is a conduit between the hard work and endeavour of early 20th century industry and the refinements that adorn modern engineering. Offering sharper lines than Ease whilst still not being a fully rectilinear look; Hone redefines the ideals of comfort to offer a slightly more evocative and heavily styled solution for the home.

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True takes linear shapes to the extreme with a pointedly angled design. Melding the sharpness of the metal and the sleek flow lines for the water; True typifies the modern uncompromising era of refinement. Certainly a look that will gild more contemporary kitchens.

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