In a time-crunched, complex world the quiet grace of exceptional design offers an inviting respite, a soothing retreat. Calm counters chaos. Balance is restored. Welcome to ModernLife™.

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The new ModernLife™ bathroom fixture collection from Kohler embraces modern essentialism: where striking design must also serve a purposeful function. Wasteful extravagance gives way to elegant efficiency. Clean lines provide both a pleasing aesthetic and an ease of cleaning.

Bevelled Edge
The edge from the counter to the top of the sink flares slightly, so the basin and surrounding sink area can be wiped clean with one easy movement.

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Uniquely Universal

The singular style of the ModernLife™ collection fits seamlessly into multiple design scenarios. From a spacious country retreat, to a cosy urban flat: it is the ideal compliment to any architectural vision.

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Easy Clean

The clean design aesthetic of the ModernLife™ collection has the additional practical benefit of being much easier to clean. Something highly prized in today’s busy homes and even busier hotels.

An invisible coating keeps your ceramics beautiful and stain free. CleanCoat™ technology creates a barrier between water and the surface for a lustrous, spotless look. Water and dirt runs off in droplets making the surfaces easier to clean.

Optimum Hygiene
An innovative rimless toilet design and quick-release seamless seat means germs have nowhere to hide. A bevelled edge simplifies cleaning to a fluid circular motion with excess liquid rolling back into the bowl.

Blend In. Stand Out.

Its earnest simplicity pairs exceptionally well with a range of tap styles, from traditional to contemporary.

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Innovation doesn’t need to be complicated; the simplest idea can make the biggest difference..

—Robert Stevenson - Lead Kohler Designer

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