Veil® Intelligent Toilet


Balanced curves and ultra-responsive controls set the Veil toilet apart. The epitome of minimalist and ergonomic design, its sculpted form pairs with a suite of customised features fine-tuned to offer optimum hygiene and the ultimate in individual comfort. Veil, the perfect marriage of technology and art.

Innovation is the cornerstone of the Veil Intelligent Toilet, reflected in the advanced technology and customisable features that are crafted to perfection and are years ahead of its time.


French curve seat

The integrated French Curve Seat is ergonomically designed to minimise pressure points and enhance comfort. Additionally, the seat is made with anti-bacterial material for improved hygiene.


Remote Control

Designed to fit easily in your palm, the touch screen remote allows you to control and customise every feature of the Veil according to your tastes.

wave 1.jpg

Front wash:

Air-infused gentle cleansing with 78 fine nozzles

wave 3.jpg

Rear wash:

Spiral spray offers broad cleansing coverage

wave 2.jpg

Pulsating wash:

Intermittent spray cleanses and soothes


Oscillating wash:

Spray moves back and forth for more effective cleansing



UV light disinfects wand automatically every 24 hours

water clean.jpg


Wand automatically washed with sterilised water after every use