At KOHLER® we believe a shower should transform you and make the journey of your day more meaningful and memorable. A shower can be the place you ease into the day’s rhythm or wind down from the rush; a break from the craziness. It can be where you focus on you, or a space to reconnect. It can be a place to shift gears and experience water in a way that makes a difference. As a one-stop showering shop, Kohler has everything you need to create an extraordinary showering space. 

  • Valves & Controls

    Valves & Controls

    Our valves have what it takes to meet the innovative functionality and exacting standards of today’s custom showers.

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  • Water Delivery

    Water Delivery

    Our sprays are designed to deliver experiences that take your daily ritual from ordinary to extraordinary. Whether you need to go from asleep to awake, spent to confident or sore to soothed, we transform water to transform you.

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  • Digital Showering

    Digital Showering

    With a digital system, multiple valve trims on the wall are replaced by a single easy-to-use digital interface. Add a second interface outside the showering space to activate and warm up your shower.

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  • Showering Accessories

    Showering Accessories

    Additional components are essential for completing your handshower configuration. Hoses, slidebars and handshower holders bring added functionality and versatility to your showering space.

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Whether you’re simply replacing a showerhead, remodelling an outdated space or building your dream home, we have it all. While we believe a shower can be many things, it should never be ordinary. When you step into a KOHLER shower, the only question is, where do you want to go?

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