Shower Enclosures and Bath Screens



The use of abrasive cleaners is not recommended for glass doors. Simply wipe down your door/enclosure/bathscreen regularly with a soft cloth and water or a squeegee to keep the glass looking clean.

-Use a shower squeegee to clean glass doors/enclosure after showering to help prevent water spots.

-To avoid soap deposits or lime build up in hard water areas, wipe the door dry after each use.

-Occasionally wipe the doors/enclosure with a mild detergent diluted in water to keep the door looking new.

-Never use bristle brushes, abrasive sponges or cleaners, or sharp instruments on the glass panels or anodized aluminium. They can scratch some glass and metal surfaces.

-For metal surfaces, never use cleaners containing abrasives, ammonia, bleach, acids, waxes, alcohol or solvents as they may damage the finish. Use of harsh cleaning agents may void warranty obligations.

-Do not let cleaners soak on surfaces.

-Rinse and wipe fixtures after cleaning to prevent soap build up.