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My cistern is continuously filling - how do I stop it?

This will be down to 1 of 3 reasons.

1. The fill float is sitting too high, this will need adjusting lower.
2. The fill valve inlet gasket/seal is compromised, new inlet gasket required.
3. The seal at the base of the flush valve is compromised, new flush seal required.

If you require a spare part, this can be ordered via any of our retail showrooms; please see our showroom locator for your nearest showroom.

How do I clean black marks from my ceramic product?

The black marks are caused by metal rubbing against the ceramic surface.  The metal (generally stainless steel) is softer than the ceramic and is deposited onto the surface of the ceramic if it is rubbed against it.  Generally Cif will remove the marks.  If however this does not work, then the use of a metal polish such as brasso will remove the marks.  A further product to recommend is “Bar Keepers Friend”– this is probably the best all round cleaning product for ceramics – note this product MUST NOT be used on enamelled cast iron.  We always suggest use of a non abrasive cloth.

Do you have product dimensions, technical drawings and fitting instructions?

Please see our website or alternatively email for product dimensions, technical drawings and fitting instructions.

How do I paint the feet on my cast iron bath?

Cleo baths come from the factory primed ready for painting in a water proof paint e.g. Gloss paint. We have known them to be sprayed by Car Body Shops to get a fantastic finish. 

NB. The bath is primed in a grey colour and the feet are primed in a mustard colour.

Do you have an installation service?

We do have an installation service for our enclosures, but not for trays or plumbing. The following installation services that we provide are:

• The installing of a new enclosure
• The uninstalling of an existing enclosure with a re-installation of a new enclosure
• A service visit with spare parts – this will include all parts, labour and guaranteed for one year

For further details or prices, please email our technical team –

How can I check the bar pressure in my property?

You will need to check the type of system that is installed - Is there a tank in the loft? If so, this means you have a gravity system, the height of this tank above the outlet will give a rough indication of the available pressure - the measurement should be taken from the base of the loft tank to the outlet (every meter distance is equal to 1.0 bar). If there is no tank in the property then the system is either using a mains pressure unvented system, or a combination boiler. In both cases there should be more than 1.0 bar pressure available.

How can I find out the bar pressure for your products?

Bar pressures of our brassware can be found on our website or alternatively you can email

Where can I obtain Kohler/Daryl spares?

Spare parts for Kohler/Daryl enclosures can be ordered through our Technical Services team on 0800 001 4466; we will need the model of your enclosure. If you do not know the model, please send an image of your enclosure to

Can I obtain spares for discontinued enclosures?

We do provide almost all spares for our discontinued enclosures, however, there may be some that we do not hold all spares for so please email our Technical Services team at You will need to provide us with the enclosure range name and a description of the spares you require. We will then confirm whether this part is available.

Where can I obtain spare parts for sanitaryware, brassware, and showers?

Sanitaryware, brassware and shower spares can be purchased through any one of our showrooms, please see the showroom locator to find your nearest showroom. 

What is the lead-time on servicing and purchasing spare parts for the Daryl/Kohler enclosures?

The lead-time on servicing and obtaining spare parts is usually 3-5 working days.

Where can I obtain tray waste positions?

Our waste positions can be obtained via our Technical Services team, please email specifying the type of tray you have.