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Do kitchen sinks come with waste kits in the box?

The waste kits are supplied separately and must be ordered as a separate item. Please see our kitchen brochure for the co-coordinating wastes, or email who will provide you with the product code.

How do I clean black marks from my ceramic product?

The black marks are caused by metal rubbing against the ceramic surface.  The metal (generally stainless steel) is softer than the ceramic and is deposited onto the surface of the ceramic if it is rubbed against it.  Generally Cif will remove the marks. If however this does not work, the use of a metal polish such as brasso will remove the marks.  A further product we recommend is “Bar Keepers Friend”– this is probably the best all round cleaning product for ceramics – note this product MUST NOT be used on enamelled cast iron.  Always use a non abrasive cloth.

Do you have product dimensions, technical drawings and fitting instructions?

Please see our website or alternatively email for product dimensions, technical drawings and fitting instructions.

Will kitchen taps work on low pressure systems?

Pull-down/pull-out taps are all high pressure but the rest of our products vary - please email for pressure rates.

What is the grade of our stainless steel?

Kohler only uses the best grades of Stainless steel, always 18/10 (18% Chromium / 10% Nickel)

What is the gauge of our stainless steel?

Unlike competitor offerings, all Kohler sinks are made of premium gauge stainless 1.3mm / 18 gauge stainless steel and above. Giving the sink a longer-life finish.

Some Kohler kitchen sinks come without an overflow; why is this?

Kohler sinks without overflow offer options for deeper fill, maximising cabinet space beneath the sink whilst being big enough to allow large cooking pots to be fully submerged. There is no legal requirement for an overflow on a kitchen sink and more often than not, overflow holes cannot displace water quickly enough to prevent overflowing when taps are left running.

Where can I buy kitchen products?

All kitchen products can be purchased through any of our distributors, please see our showroom locator for more information.

What is Response Technology™?

Response technology is touchless technology that responds to your every move. Simply wave your hand or an object such as a pan or kitchen utensil to turn on or off. Its state-of-the-art sensor is in tune with your every move, precision-designed to provide reliable operation every time.

What is Smart Divide™?

Smart divide kitchen sinks give you the best of both worlds - the openness of a single bowl combined with the divided functionality of a double bowl. With dividers half the size of those found on conventional double-bowl sinks, Smart Divide kitchen sinks can accommodate pots and pans that other double-bowl sinks simply cannot.

What is DockNetik™?

Pull-down kitchen taps featuring the DockNetik magnetic docking system have specially positioned magnets within the tap body. Magnets securely lock the spray head into place when you’re not using it, preventing the spray head from drooping.

What is SweepSpray™?

SweepSpray are specially angled nozzles that create a forceful blade of water designed to sweep away stuck-on food from your dishes. With the push of a button, your faucet’s standard stream spray transforms to a powerful stream that makes kitchen clean up a breeze. 

What is ProMotion™?

ProMotion is a braided nylon hose that provides smooth, quiet operation and is more durable than traditional hoses. Metal coiling inside the hose prevents kinking. A ball joint swivel spray head provides smooth operation with minimal effort.

What is UltraGlide™ ?

UltraGlide are engineered ceramic disc valves that resist deterioration and mineral build-up, resulting in long-lasting, reliable performance.

What is MasterClean™?

MasterClean sprayface resists calcium build-up and offers ease of cleaning. Quick-connect fitting between valve and sprayhead ensures ease of installation.

What is Silent Shield™?

Silent Shield is a sound absorption technology which sharply decreases unwanted noise and vibrations for cleaning dishes, running water and waste disposal units.

What is Silent Shield Plus™?

Silent Shield Plus is a sound absorption technology which sharply decreases unwanted noise and vibrations for cleaning dishes, running water and waste disposal units, but also prevents condensation build up the sink to offer long life protection.

What do I need to connect a Kohler kitchen sink waste to UK plumbing?

Use a McAlpine T12A-F coupling flush spigot 1 1/2" BSP

Do Kohler supply waste kits with an overflow?

No, Kohler do not make wastes with overflows for kitchen sinks, these are 3rd party kits supplied by the distributor.