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KOHLER® invites you to create your own unique showering space suitable for all your needs. Our beautiful glass panels are up to 2m wide and 2.4m tall; you can build the shower of your dreams or renovate a suitable space. KOHLER® provides a Home Measure and Installation service to ensure your Minima® Made-to-Measure door or enclosure is a perfect fit.

What is it?

The two objectives of the Made-to-Measure service are to help you create the shower of your dreams with a realistic appraisal of the installation and to spot any potential pitfalls up front. Our trained KOHLER® engineers will be looking for out of true walls and varying slopes (including unlevel trays and fl oors). They will check that the choice and position of any doors or panels is suitable in relation to the whole bathroom layout and that the handing of the door and panel is correct for application. The Home Measure and Installation service can only be undertaken after tiling is complete and the tray installed is level.


Each Made-to-Measure unit is unique and pricing will vary dependent on your requirements. Please use the prices that follow as guidelines and visit your nearest KOHLER® showroom to discuss your bespoke showering design and gain a better understanding of the prices involved. If you choose the KOHLER® measuring service the price of this service will be taken off the fi nal unit price giving you peace of mind at no additional cost.


Following the Home Measure service, if you wish, our engineer will return to install the unit, further ensuring your complete satisfaction. However please be aware KOHLER® will only install if we have carried out the survey and measure.


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Angle and Notch Cuts

Whether it’s an unusual loft space or complex bathroom layout, glass panels and doors can be bespoke to allow for that ideal fit. Angled cuts offer lines that follow the contours of the room and notches ensure no obstructive architecture prevents the perfect showering experience.

Dwarf Wall

Whether there is a low level wall or bath end, Minima NG Made-to-Measure offers a solution to suit your space. Adapting shower enclosure panels around the constraints of the modern home, this feature allows for an integral showering space or a tiled seat.

Dwarf wall.JPG

Ceiling clamp.JPG

Ceiling Clamp

When the shower enclosure of choice makes a room with floor to ceiling panels, you can feel sure that the unit is fully secured and aesthetically pleasing with this purposeful yet clean-looking solution.

Bracing Bracket

Required for any installation over 2m tall, this bracket adds robustness to extra tall enclosures.

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surface floor profile.JPG

Surface Floor Profile

The most conventional method of securing your enclosures to the wall, these connect surfaces to glass.

Surface wall profile

The most conventional method of securing your enclosures to the wall, these connect surfaces to glass.

Surface wall profile.JPG



Soft or Geometric, the choice is yours


Logistics and dimensions in your home could mean not everything is possible given a specific situation. Your retailer can provide guidance on this or feel free to call us on 0844 571 0048 for further assistance.