Kitchen Sinks


Bowl Count:

We offer single, 1½ and double-bowl sinks to match the way you work – whether you use your dishwasher for dishes and just wash large pots in the sink or you hand wash your dishes and want to separate clean and dirty items. You’ll also find a variety of bowl sizes in our offering and may want to consider a sink with a wet work surface for food preparation i.e StagesTM.


Smart divide.JPG

Smart Divide:

If you often wash large pots and pans yet want the functionality of a double-bowl sink, consider a Smart Divide® sink. The divider is uniquely developed to make it easier to clean large, bulky items while keeping clean and dirty items separate.

Bowl configuration.JPG

Bowl Configuration:

Kohler sinks are available in a range of configurations, including double-equal and 1½ bowl sinks. In addition our IcerockTM, ModultopTM and Iron/Tones® range of sinks can be grouped to create customised configurations.

Apron front.JPG


Apron-front sinks are often referred to as farmhouse sinks because they can evoke period-style kitchens. These sinks have a stylish panel in front and are available as under-mount models.

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The easiest model to install and frequently used with laminate work surfaces, the inset sink’s rim extends above the work top surface and supports the sink's weight. Clips and bolts under the counter hold the sink securely in place. Many of our sinks accommodate both under-mount and inset-mount applications

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These sinks mount beneath the worktop, and are most often used with solid worktop materials like granite, composites and timber. Many of our sinks accommodate both under-mount and inset-mount applications

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Flush mount.JPG


Similar to inset, this method of installing a stainless steel sink with a slim rim, flush with the worktop is an uncreasingly popular look in contemporary kitchen design. KOHLER's most contemporary stainless steel sinks (StagesTM, 8 DegreeTM, PoiseTM & VaultTM) can be installed in this way.

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Bar sink.JPG

Bar & Preparation Sinks:

Bar and Preparation sinks can be installed as a complement to the primary sink in the kitchen to help in food prep or cleanup or as a standalone in a family room, entertainment area or anywhere else you entertain guests